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MASTER-General industrial harnesses


The ventral attachment point can be used in cooperation with the emergency lanyard to connect with nearby anchor points during working at height for restraint; 

The emergency lanyard connected with ventral attachment can be removed and then connected to the chest or dorsal attachment point, and is used in the fall arrest system; V-Pad shoulder straps enable the users more stable and comfortable;

Wide and semi-rigid waist belt provides the user effective support. Waist wear protector provides the support to the waist of the user and reduces the wear of the waist belt effectively during the user leans against the wall of wind towers.

The shoulder straps, waist belt and leg loops, all adopting the CLICK buckles, which are easy and quick for buckling and adjustment. 

(CLICK buckles can be released only after two lock catches are unlocked at the same time, to avoid hazards caused by misoperation). 

The waist belt is fitted with suspension loops used for carrying tools up to 20 kg.

 EN361 EN358

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