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I. Protection of Intellectual Property Right

The intellectual property rights of all texts, company names, data, forms, videos and audios, images, photos and information of this website shall be owned by Skyer, its agent or other right holders. You shall not change any information of this website and shall save all intellectual property right statements and other exclusive right statements contained in the information. Without prior written consent of Skyer, you shall not copy, distribute, reproduce, display, play, connect or transmit by hyperlinks, or save in the information retrieval system this website and its information in any manner.

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Provision of information shall not mean that Skyer grants to you any license of copyright, trademark, patent right or any other intellectual property right.

II. Disclaimer

We will endeavor to extend and update all information provided to the customer on this website. Skyer shall not assume any liability for any error and omission contained in the information provided on this website or the data which have not been updated in a timely manner. The webpages of this website are aimed at introducing general information and its products and services. Any content contained in this website shall not be regarded as advice, direction, guarantee, undertaking or obligation related to the products and services provided by Skyer. If you have any question in respect of the products and services provided by Skyer, please contact Skyer directly.

We shall not assume any liability for the damage or loss caused to your computer system and any other software, hardware, IT system or property by viruses or other destructive programs as a result of your visit, browse and use of this website or downloading any content from this website.

We shall not assume any liability for your access to other websites through the links of this website.

III. Protection of Privacy Right

This website is a public website which can be logged in to without personal information. We shall not assume any liability for information leakage caused to any person as a result of logging in to this website.

If you wish to contact us by email (for instance, for enquires), you may decide on your own whether to provide us with your personal information. Generally, all information you provide will only be sent to the relevant email addresses of our affiliated companies and will not be saved. We will use the personal information you provide only when we reply to your questions, process your orders, or when we send to you introduction information or evaluation data. We undertake that the personal information you provide will not be shared with a non-affiliated third party, nor be sold, rent or leased to any third party.

When you browse any of our websites, the system may automatically collect certain non-personal information for the purposes of statistical analysis (for instance, IP address, your browser and operating system, domain name of the website which brings you to our website, page views, average time spent in visiting our website and the webpage you visit). Collection and analysis of information is conducted on a no-name basis. The aforementioned data automatically collected by the system will only be used to assess the visit status of our website in order to effectively improve the content of the website. We will take the relevant measures to ensure security of your data. We will make every effort to ensure that your data will not be forged, tampered, or read or disclosed to other third parties without authorization.

IV. Governing Law

All litigation proceedings or disputes arising from the content of this website shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the people’s court in the place of the domicile of Skyer in China.

This statement shall apply to any person who uses this website, including any person of Chinese nationality and non-Chinese nationality.

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Powered Ascending Device
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