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Rescue Descender


ASAT Rescue Descender RD1 is a professional rope rescue device integrated with multifunction of descending, ascending, hauling and lifting.

Rescue function is introduced. Adopting the design of irreversible pulley plus locking block, RD1 can be used by the rescuer to assist others to ascend or descend quickly to reach the designated positions.

RD1 has superior ascending function than that of conventional descenders. Adopting the irreversible pulley as the core part of the locking mechanism, a short distance ascent becomes easy and smooth.

RD1 has irreversible lifting function, thanks to the design of irreversible pulley plus locking block. The lower end of the device is fitted with lifting hole bearing the load of 12kN, the construction of pulley block is convenient and fast, so the load lifting with high efficiency can be achieved.

During hauling operations, even if the traction end is out of control or released suddenly, the load will be locked quickly on the system instead of falling freely.

The minimum load : 120kg

Static ropes of 11mm diameter, in accordance with EN1891 Class A

Net weight: 760g

Meets  EN12841EN12841:2006/C

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