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The exhibition had be held from Jan. 23 to 26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. WOC is the largest concrete and international construction machinery exhibition in the world. It has a remarkable influence in the world of concrete production, equipment manufacturing and related construction machinery industry. It is the twentieth largest exhibition of the American Exhibition magazine.

ASAT has exhibited the ASAT powered ascending device , hoist, and PPE products in this exhibition.

ASAT has already introduced the elite exhibition to industry experts and industry audiences and exchanged technical experiences with each other.

ASAT also demonstrates the use of products such as powered ascending device and battery hoist during the show ,High efficiency, convenient and exquisite products attract the interest of experts and spectators.

WOC combines the advanced equipment of the world's concrete industry. Technology has no borders. The WOC trip has strengthened the communication between ASAT and other foreign industry experts. It provides opportunities for Chinese and foreign customers to understand the ASAT products in the field. On the road to the international market, ASAT will continue to step by step and move forward.

Powered Ascending Device
Powered Ascending Device
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