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Amazing Review: The seventeenth International Fire protection Equipment Technology Conference &

The seventeenth International Fire protection Equipment Technology Conference & Exposition (CHINA FIRE) came to an end on September 8th,2017. 

The exhibition had be held from September 5 to 8 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). CHINA FIRE is the largest international 

fire equipment exhibition and technical exchange event sponsored by the China Fire Protection Association. 

Held every two years, the exhibition had attracted the attention of domestic and foreign fire industry and get well received, by the large scale, 

high technology , and covering a wide range of industries.

 SKYER has exhibited the ASAT powered ascending device and automatic descending device in this exhibition,which has been won the praise from

 participants and the majority of the audience, because of its advanced and reasonable design concept and reliable quality.


The broad masses of viewers and professionals have great interest in ASAT's powered ascending device and automatic descending device, 

they have came to consult and obtained the ASAT product samples.

The trainer of SKYER has demonstrated the application of high altitude rope access at the exhibition site,

which has attracted a large number of participants and professionals to visit and technology exchange.

With the rapid economic and social development, social and fire departments are increasing their demand for fire rescue equipment. ASAT will 

always adhere to the concept of "Always Safe, Always Trusted " , provide the first-class high altitude equipment, evacuation rescue equipment, 

and efficient, safe high altitude rope access solution to the fire industry. 

Powered Ascending Device
Powered Ascending Device
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