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Rope Access

The operation of rope access has certain risks, and only systematic training can minimize the risk. SPRAT(Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians)was established in the mid 90’s to address the needs of a growing number of companies and operators employing rope access techniques in North America. Nowadays provide services for those enterprises and individuals who are engaged in rope access all over the world. Double rope technique (DRT) has 200% security, which is the only approved rope operation mode in the field of industry. The training of SPRAT includes practical and theoretical parts, focuses on the practical operation. The evaluation includes written and practical test. Those who have been passed both tests will get SPRAT certificate.

Who use rope access?

Rescue and research team and individuals

Civil, structural, offshore, wind power, power grid and geo-technical engineers

Operations and maintenance workers

Construction workers and painters

High-rise window cleaners

Motion picture and theatrical set personnel

Tower and antenna installers

Training content

Roles and responsibilities

Equipment use and inspection

Ascent/ Descent/ Change-over

Use of descenders/ ascenders

Rope to rope transfer


Job safety 

Passing knots

Long reblay/ Short reblay

Climing with shock-absorbing lanyard

Use of work seat

Simple structural anchor


Fall factor

Risk assessment

Load sharing

Negotiate edge

Equipment identification/ management / maintenance

Pick-off casualty on descent

Powered Ascending Device
Powered Ascending Device
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Lifeline System
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