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Wind Power

Aimed at high altitude wind power industry, frequent operation, the international general solution is to regularly repeat professional aerial safety training, to continuously enhance the consciousness of the personnel safety, improve operation skills.

As a SPRAT corporate member, SKYER (Beijing) Industry Technology Co., Ltd provides working at heights, rope access, evacuation and rescue training. Those who have been trained and passed the test will get qualification certificate from SKYER.

SKYER (Beijing) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd established an training team in 2004. Based on more than ten years of training experiences, the SKYER training team has accumulated a large number of experience in wind power, power grid, hydroelectricity, thermal power, chemical industry and the other working at height , and now is the most professional aerial training team of domestic industry.

SKYER training team not only adopted SPRAT system, but also cooperated with the organizations of mountaineering rescue, cave exploration and others domestic and international organizations.

So far, SKYER has developed working at heights, evacuation and rescue program for wind power, power grid, petroleum, petrochemical and other industries. SKYER has designed the evacuation and rescue program for buildings and mountain rescue.

Through on-site exploration and communication with customers, SKYER provides  customised training course and programs to meet the actual needs of customers.

SKYER wind power training courses include levelⅠand levelⅡ, only the qualified person who has been trained and passed the test will obtain the corresponding certificate.

SKYER wind power training course levelⅠaims to teaching the aerial workers  mastering how to use the PPE correctly,and to be proficient in operation. Furthermore, trainees should master the basic knowledge of rescue and evacuation in working at heights.

SKYER wind power training course levelⅡis for training professional personnel of wind industry, to handle unexpected accidents in high altitude quickly and calmly.

SKYER has provided lots of training courses for wind power customers, includes GOLDWIND、SINOVEL、CSIS、XEMC、CSR、VESTAS 、SUZLON REPOWER 、NORDEX、Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited、China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Limited、CGN New Energy Holdings Co.,Ltd. etc.


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